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Complete pigeon ‍‍‍health additive

Ad-herb‍‍‍ Original

Product Guide

  • Improve performance and condition
  • Support your bird's immune system naturally
  • Maintain excellent gut function and digestion
  • Highly recommended for breeding, rearing, racing and moulting
  • Help to alleviate respiratory problems when you buy with added Menthol

SIZES: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2500ml
INGREDIENTS: Helianthus annuus oil, essential oil of origanum (plus menthol)
DIRECTIONS: Blend 5ml thoroughly into 2kg of feed. Use everyday to maintain good condition. Use feed within 5 months. Shake well before use. Replace cap after use.
STORAGE: Store in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight. Suitable for refrigeration and home freezing. Keep out of reach of children.



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